Other Quality Services

All services we offer are top-notch!


winconsin services expert transcribers can convert your speech document into a written or electronic text document with 98% accuracy at an affordable rate starting at $0.69 per minute.

Voice Over

We have a wide array of voice talent to choose from. They can communicate with your customers and introduce them to key features of your brand starting rate of $128 per minute.

Closed Captioning/Subtitling

Our expert staff provide closed captioning/subtitling services that can provide a written text of the audio message in your video document. Our low rates are $1 per minute for English and $7 for any language.


Our pool of expert typists will provide you a typewritten document free from errors at customer friendly rate of $2 per unformatted page, $3 with formatting, and $0.69 per minute for audio typing.

Video Services

Video Animation

Our professional video staff can provide you with animated videos that can increase your conversion rates at a low price of $60 per minute.

Video Spokesperson

We have a network of talented spokespeople to choose from at a rate of $60 per minute. They are smooth and clean with voices that are warm and rich quality who can convey your company’s message to your audience.

Video Editing

Our skilled video editors will take out those unwanted footages and replace these with the best ones at a rate of $60 per minute.

Video Production

Our video production crew completes all the steps in making a video from: ideation, writing a script, shooting and editing.

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